The journey into yoga starts with a few tentative steps, but soon becomes a way of life

Fiona is a yoga teacher and therapist with a strong belief that yoga should be available for everyone.
Studio based classes are offered six days a week, where an established community of yoga practitioners are guided into a personal, evolving practice.
The clinic provides a space to be nurtured and guided through yoga therapy sessions.
Fiona's uniquely thorough guidance and playful experimental approach always leave you wanting more.


“Breathe – movement will come.  Move – stillness will arrive”

Drawing on over 25 years of a deeply rooted practice, yoga continues to fill me with constant strength and intrigue. My personal practice is ever evolving and sharing this means that my teaching style remains fluid and adaptable. My training was originally rooted in the precision asana presented by Iyengar. Yet through the study of breath and anatomy, coupled with tireless time on my mat, my classes have currently settled into a flowing movement practice most akin to a Vinyasa flow.

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