Spring into Yoga!

I love the spring time with it focus on renewal, hope and new beginnings.  Your Yoga practice shifts and changes with the turning seasons and spring offers a reawakening of your vitality and encourages you to renew your commitment to your wellbeing. 

I have long loved to share a flowing Asana practice with its dynamic Yang properties.  Yet I continue to become more and more aware of the importance of complimenting this with a slower Yin practice.   Yin and Yang may be completely different, but they represent complementary qualities.  Within one, you have the birth of the other and vice versa.  Where for example midday is the height of Yang, it is also the birth of Yin.  Yin is known to be the shady side of the mountain, while Yang is the sunny.  If you were to compare the seasons, then summer is Yang and winter is Yin. Spring is more Yang, as the plants are growing and flowers are blooming, while autumn is Yin, where the leaves are turning brown and falling toward the earth. We cannot have one without the other.

Last week a longterm practitioner with whom I have shared in Yoga for many years said “I have realised that YIN Yoga is what has been missing from my practice”.  

I wish for you all to discover the magic of stillness – AUM – 

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