The Queen’s Passing & this time of shift

Monday 19th September – Queen’s Funeral

I have decided to invite you all to practice with me as usual on Monday 19th September at 10 am.

This decision is coming from a place of deep respect and consideration.  Queen Elizabeth II was an incredible person, who undoubtedly meant something powerful to us all.  Yet beyond personal grief that some may feel, the Queens passing marks a significant time of change.

The Elizabethan age has ended at a time defined by crisis.  With very real wars being fought, a global pandemic, lockdowns, cultural wars, ecological crisis, cost of living crisis, environmental crisis and so on.  We are a country with deeper divisions, a parliamentary system unfit for purpose and a leadership with questionable intentions and a lack of foresight.  It is hard not to see the loss of our Queen as a symbol of shift from these times.

Whatever your opinion of Royalty, Queen Elizabeth was an incredible and ever present woman of service.  Our country has just changed immensely.  The world is changing rapidly.  It is a time to review, observe, reflect and move forward truthfully and consciously.  It is a time to seek to know what we are beyond what we have. A time to understand what we can do beyond that which we feel blocked from doing.  It is a time to take a deep breath.

Your relationship to your Yoga practice is, like any other relationship, complex, rich and ever changing.  It ebbs and flows with the changing seasons of our internal and external processes.  Perhaps it would serve us to re-evaluate the intentions of our practice as we re-evaluate our world.  Is your practice only for you? Or can we see  in moments of crisis and shift, that our practice is inherently not only about the self but about all living beings.  Yoga is a never-ending invitation to self study.  When we gift ourselves moments of Svadhyaya, self-reflection, we can calm the mind and nervous system to enable clearer vision and foresight.   

So come and join me in reflection.  Show up for yourself and cultivate the kindness, compassion and understanding needed to show up for others.  


Fiona x 

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