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I am a naturally optimistic, energetic and passionate person with a hunger for new experience and adventure. I learn through exploration and apply discipline and tenacity in order to achieve goals. The challenging side of this is my stubborn focus, the need to be reminded to pause and take my time, my rebellious spirit, which tugs against restriction.

Such a spirit disliked formal education within a school system and although grateful for all I learnt from the support of my family, my true education began when I bought a one-way ticket to India in 1992. I was free, eyes wide open and the world felt like an immense playground begging to be explored.

Within that first year in India, I became fascinated by the colourful sight of Sadhu life and amazed by their display of yogic achievements. This lead me to Pune, where I was fortunate enough to study with B K S Iyengar and his daughter Geeta. I approached this early teaching with fear and trepidation. Iyengar’s teachings were strict, painful and at times aggressive. I cannot say I enjoyed my time there, yet something profound had begun to shift within me and yoga has been integral to my life since.

The five years subsequent to this time I continued to travel, living, working and studying in far east, central and southern Asia. I climbed mountains, dived oceans, crossed rain forests and deserts. Having met my partner Sam on the road, we embarked on a journey westwards together, taking a year and a half to return to England over land and sea from Indonesia to London.

It took a while to settle, but I had yoga as my anchor, which continued to fill me with strength and intrigue. I resumed my studies with a variety of teachers integrating a deeper knowledge of pranayama and anatomy. The knowledge yoga gave me felt like an immense secret I wanted to share with everyone, and for this reason I began to teach.

In 1998 I became pregnant with my son and continued to teach with specific focus of pregnancy yoga. This continued throughout my second pregnancy with my daughter three years later, by which time we had moved to Brighton to begin settling as a family. I quickly became involved in the Brighton yoga community, teaching at a variety of small locations while I enjoyed the early years of motherhood. For three years from 2008 I was the senior teacher at Dynamic Yoga, Hove and although a positive experience in many ways, teaching a rigid set of asanas within tight boundaries soon became a contradiction to my free spirit of enquiry.

I have later established my classes at various studios where I continued to share yoga with a growing community of practitioners. In 2021 I established The Old School Studio, where both my classes, event and Movement Therapy practice is now housed.

Encouraging the return of fluid movement within practice, my practice style is most akin to a Vinyasa flow. I marry this with regular YIN sessions, with its slow process of movement, stillness and inward focus.  Moving away from the rigidity of a set routine, allows us to feel the bodies chosen movements, following the flow of breath.

I am now welcoming further senior teachers with the highest standards into the studio to offer you more.

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