“Man is the will & the understanding & the house which he lives in is the body” 

Fifteen years ago I completed a four year professional training as a therapist. The course included the philosophy of healing and a full understanding of the homeopathic materia medica. It was wonderfully insightful and served to reiterate the importance of self- awareness. In clinical practice, my need to offer prescribed remedies or herbs became less and less frequent compared to the application of a yoga therapeutic approach. Rooted in the belief that long lasting healing occurs when an individual becomes actively involved in their own personal journey, my yoga teaching and therapeutic practice became integrated.


Specialising is techniques to help you reconnect with the body through movement, my work can take us on a deep journey of self discovery. I have a deep knowledge of human anatomy and a keen interest in how the psychology of the mind affects our experience of how we live within our bodies. Whether applied to sports injury or simply the effects of life upon the body and mind, my work invites you to understand yourself and your bodies ever changing needs and potentials.

A typical appointment begins with a case taking to gain an understanding of the physical, emotional, mental and psychic factors present.  A hands on treatment is then given, exploring movement patterns from the spine out.  This is always very revealing of any potential misalignment or injury patterns held in the body.  Through this I offer an understanding of your form, function and motion.  This knowledge can be applied to promote quality of life and enhance potential.   I aim to inspire people to practice yoga and raise themselves out of any undesirable conditions.

Yoga informs us that change is ever present. It takes us inward to a place where healing and personal development intersect. A lack of such personal awareness creates dis-ease. Such dis-ease creates symptoms, which force us to listen in and make changes.

To live a healthy, fuller and more joyous existence, we learn to value ourselves. The yogic process brings about rebalance, insight, understanding and appreciation.

Price – 1 hour – £45 / 1.5 hours £55

Intrinsic Health
32 Cliffe High Street
Lewes BN7 2AN